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Fertiliser Spreading

We can apply a nutrient recommendation advised by our own professional agronomist, or an application recommendation provided by your own agronomist.

Precision Application 

Our lightweight tractor and fertiliser spreader set up with integrated GPS

  • Lightweight John Deere Tractor and Amazone Spinning disc fertiliser spreader with integrated GPS technology.
  • Variable rate application: using the latest GPS technology we can import your fertiliser recommendation (GPS mapped) to our GPS system.  Nutrients are applied at exactly the rate required in any one given location ensuring optimum rates are applied across the field profile.
  • Tram line widths from 12 meters upto 36 meters
  • Flotation tyres are utilised when ground conditions are unfavourable as low ground pressure is essential to minimise soil impact.  

Fertiliser supplied as required

Any fertiliser we recommend, we can  supply (if required). 

  • All fertiliser application activities meet best practice and regulatory requirements in full.
  • Each application operation is undertaken according to an approved recommendation from a professional agronomist (provided by us or from the customer’s agronomist).  A detailed operation report is provided to the customer (generated using Pear technology software) when the work activity is complete.
  • Our operation reports demonstrate that an application has been properly conducted, enabling our farmer and grower customers to meet the requirements expected of them (farm assurance or statutory requirements).