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Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient management continues to grow in importance both in a regulatory and farm profitabiliy sense.

An ordered process of measurement of underlying fertility, effective (and legal) allocation of nutrients from manures and finally considered top-up of with manufatured fertilisers is the simple mantra we seek to follow. Within this thought process we also consider the difference between feeding the soil and feeding the actual growing plant - these two differing factors are often confused and with disappointing results.

Typically we provide the agronomic side of an NMP, ensuring complicance with NVZ N-Max, Field and Farm Limits, related COGAP and BPS requirments as well as the fundamnetal needs of the crop. Analyis and tailored advise on specific manures and other land -spread organic materials can also be carried out.

Pricing for this service varies according to farm size, stock numbers and other variables but we are happy to quote in advance as required. Just give us a call or email to discuss.



Crop Planning & Agronomy