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Soil Testing

Some say that nothing much actually changes in agriculture, whilst this is a questionable sentiment with regards many recent advances the fundamentals of soil do remain the same. Irrespective of cultivation or spray regime a good crop is seldom produced from a soil with poor drainage, pH status or background fertility. These are and always have been the cornerstones of a healthy plant.

We offer a full suite of soil testing procedures through either NRM or Yara labs. Samples can be physically taken by us in field or collected from farm for lab despatch - its up to you. For larger fields or more immediate pH concerns in field BDH testing can be carried out as required.

On receipt of a lab analaysis a discussion of results is standard procedure with farm specific recomendations given as required.

We hold all records on our own systems for subsequent use saving you another worry at inspection time.

Looking forwards we are extending our knowledge of soil biology and embracing some related testing with some progressive growers. Whilst the above re P, K, Mg and pH remains sound science it has nver been cleaerer that we are entering a new Biological age in agriculture and soil health.


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