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Grass Seed

Grass seed is a much overlooked and undervalued input. It is not cheap (when considered on a per acre basis relative to say cereals) yet it often recieves nothing like the same consideration when selecting varieties and fitting to on-farm requirments. This is especially puzzling when we consider the length of time that a ley is down for and the cumulative effective of having got it right (or indeed wrong). To give a basic idea of this variance the yield difference best-worst on the recomended list in ~30% - a huge margin!

We supply a huge range of grass and forage seeds individually tailored to a farms requirments. Sometimes these needs can be met with a simple off-the-shelf solution however more commonly nowadays we are bespoke mixing varieties and rates to get exactly what it is required. Please note that this is often at zero additional cost relative to a 'standard mix'. It should also be pointed out that there are many new developments in forage breeding with a real alternative to 'traditional' ryegrass leys often being applicable. Recent new options including deeper rooting 'festulolium' type grasses for dry or very wet sites, longer lasting red clovers and other novel herbs providing fertiliser savings and stock health and performance benefits.

Please get in touch for a no obligation discussion of your forage seed requirments. Additionally, if we supply seed we are always happy to keep an eye on its establishment and offer on-going advice on the leys care - again at no extra cost .