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Often overlooked yet a core consideration of any farming system. Even land that is not inherently acidic can require preiodic lime due to on-going effects of other acidifying inputs such as bagged nitrogen, slurry and high precipitation / waterlogging. 

We typcally link our liming service to that of soil sampling and advice but are equally happy to supply and spread using thrid party plans and assesments. Our lime is sourced from two local quaries (according to distance, price and required spec) and can be delivered in either 18.2t rigid or full artic loads.

Spreading is done with a weigh-cell and GPS equiped spreader with indpendent loading if required. 

For larger fields variable rates and zonal spreading can be calculated and applied.

Equally we are happy to accomodate smaller jobs (right down to a single load). Or for the emergency or smallholder scenario plrilled lime can be supplied and spread as required.